For quality food, the journey to the table starts from carefully selected produce.

100% antibiotic-free raw milk, the meat of animals fed quality local feeds or grain grown in a nearby field. Food producers also make sure that the origin of the ingredients is as traceable as possible.

The industry uses modern technology making production and logistics as efficient, automated, sanitary as possible with minimum environmental impact. Every large food producer has a well-equipped lab employing specialists who develop new and enticing products and keep a close eye on quality indicators.

main export destinations

  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

primary export articles

  • Beverages and alcohol
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Fish

food industry in numbers






of the production is exported

EU health rules and quality

Companies have made extensive investments to bring production into conformity with EU health rules – today’s food processing industry sanitary standards are on par with operating rooms or pharmaceutical companies. The stringent regulations guarantee food safety and make sure the food stays fresher longer without the need for preservatives.

More attention is also being paid to high nutritional value, health benefits and a balanced diet. Estonian consumers are very health-conscious, and thus food-processing plants strive toward natural qualities, avoid the use of artificial additives, too much salt and sweeteners, and maximise the content of the core ingredient.

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