We are proud to deliver honey from the best beekeeping areas in the world – Estonia has a unique Nordic climate, combined with pollen and nectar rich flora.

Honey which is collected in the Nordic climate has a special value. Estonia is located in the northern part of the temperate zone, where only plants that can survive long winters with a maximum of 30 degrees below Celsius can survive. The nectar from Nordic plants is a source of vitality. Our healthy bees and the beekeepers get along very well, under such vital conditions, the result of this friendly relationship is of course surprisingly sweet.

In the year 2018, there were 49 000 bee colonies in Estonia. Comparing the number of bee colonies in 2018, with ten years ago, the number of colonies has increased by 77%. In the last five years, the production of honey in Estonia has been stably over 1000 tons. In the year 2018, 1 253 tons of honey were produced in Estonia. The 50 Estonian organic beekeepers had a total of 2 461 bee colonies. Nine organic beekeepers had over 100 colonies.In the year 2018, honey exports totalled 156.4, of which 5.2 tons was honey of Estonian origin. The main export destinations were Japan (66%), Russia (21%) and Hong Kong (8%).