Besides raw milk, cheese and curd products as well as fermented dairy products are gaining popularity in the world.

Estonians love dairy products, and our stores feature a wide selection of products – milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, curds, sweetened snacks made of curds, cottage cheese, kefir, buttermilk – the list goes on, and all are consumed daily by many Estonians. The dairy industry has been instrumental in the development of the agriculture into a high-tech area that allows high-quality dairy products to be produced.

Estonian dairy producers are constantly developing new products and working with researchers to upgrade prod- uct lines and keeping up with changing food trends. Thus there are many Estonian dairy products that are enriched with live probiotic cultures like LGG Lactobacilli, the ME-3 bacteria developed by University of Tartu scientists, and various vitamin-fortified and lactose-free dairy products.