Saku Brewery

Saku Brewery is the oldest and largest brewery in Estonia, producing not just beer but also wide range of other soft alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Saku Brewery has an approximate annual turnover over 70 million Euros. The average number of employees is 350 people.

Saku Brewery is part of the Carlsberg Group and also an export partner for 20 markets in the world.

The company attaches high importance to educating people in the sphere of drinking culture and responsible consumption of alcohol. Since Saku’s products are known and loved we must offer consumers confidence that drinks made with soul and care are also made in the best possible way, preserving and valuing the surrounding environment and also contributing to communities.

We are looking for long term relationship, partners who are interested about our brands and products, partners who are willing to invest to products and brand success in the local market, previous experience with beverage category and access to decision makers.


Find us at Anuga Trade Fair
Hall 8.1 | Stand B013


Tallinna mnt 2, Saku, 75501, Harjumaa, Estonia


Margus Masing


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