Nudist Drinks

Nudist Drinks is a novel craft winery best known for Rabarbra Brut Organic – organic sparkling rhubarb wine.
We also make a non-alcoholic dry sparkling rhubarb wine Rabarbra Zero based on de-alcoholized rhubarb wine. And – last but not least – we also ferment gooseberries, raspberries, white and black currants, etc. But no grapes, right – they do not grow here.

Founded in 2015 by craft cider enthusiasts and based in an urban environment right in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, our mission is to lead a new era of sparkling fruit wines. Unlike the maturity of the fruit wine industry, our fruit wines are not sweet and not aromatized, but solely made of either real rhubarbs or other fruits and berries. There are no added tastes nor aromas – there’re just real rhubarbs, real berries. Just real fruits fermented. Too simple to be true.

Besides being the best-known winery with numerous awards and best-selling products in Estonia, our Rabarbra sparkling rhubarb wines are also popular across the whole of Finland (distributed by Hartwall).

We are looking for partners with previous experience within the beverage industry and access to decision-makers. We are only interested in long-term relationships as proving rhubarb sparkling wine as Prosecco and Cava alternative (yes, we are not competing with the cheap and sweet) will take a while in any market. That said, we can provide digital marketing support and tools/strategies for market entry based on our success in Finland.

Find us at Anuga Trade Fair
Hall 8.1 | Stand B013


Telliskivi 60M, Tallinn,10149, Harjumaa, Estonia


Mihkel Männik

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