Nordic Meats

Nordic Meats connects around 120 farmers. The common desire is to grow happy cattle in their inherent environment – strolling around the great grasslands. We have created a governmentally certified quality scheme – ensuring welfare of the animals and sutaining the biodiversity on our diverse grasslands.

The meat from organic grassfed beef is super tasty, super nutritious, rich in healthy fats and vitamins. Quality scheme “grass-fed” implies that bulls are realized before the age of 24 months, heifers and oxes before the age of 30 months.

The required carcass weight is between 250+ kilos, conformation class E-U-R-O and fat class from 1 to 5. Cows U-R-O carcass 250+.

Linnamäe Lihatööstus is the biggest and oldest game meat producers in Estonia. The company was established in 1987 and it is noteworthy that Linnamäe Lihatööstus is one of the first privately established meat productions in Estonia.


Find us at Anuga Trade Fair
Hall 9.1 | Stand A039


Uugla, Lääne-Nigula, Läänemaa, Estonia 91013


Sander Steinberg

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