Farmi Piimatööstus AS

Farmi is genuine and Estonian!

  • The farm’s products are made only from milk stored in Estonia, mainly from Viru and Vooremaa
  • The trendy national pattern characteristic of farm products symbolizes the sustainable connection of Estonian traditions and modern technology
  • The quality of the farm’s products has been recognized with the Tunnustatud Eesti Maitse and the Estonian Best Dairy Products awards. The company has been awarded the BRC Food food safety system certificate.
  • The main values of the farm are care, reliability, keeping traditions, quality and innovation
  • Farmi is a brand of Farmi Dairy Industry, which is 100% owned by Estonian capital
  • Made by Estonians, according to Estonian tastes
  • Farmi is innovative: Our product portfolio includes Estonia’s first cottage cheese with sour cream and creamy yogurt; the first domestic Greek-type yogurt – Estonia’s Best Dairy Product and Estonia’s Best Foodstuff 2014 and bottled drinks; unique Estonian Best Dairy Product 2009 Jänks yogurt shake, Estonian Best Dairy Product 2011, Farmi Köögi cream cheese and Estonian Best Dairy Product 2016 Acidified Whole Milk. Estonia’s Best Product for Health 2017 Farmi Köögi skyr and Estonia’s Best Dairy Product 2018 Farmi AB skyr. Estonia’s Best Dairy Product 2020 raw yogurt porridge with blueberries and chia seeds, Estonia’s Best Dairy Product 2021 maasika-vanilli petimaius.

Farmi Piimatööstus is a dairy industry based on Estonian capital. In today’s economic situation, it is extremely important that customers know: by buying Farmi products, you contribute to the preservation of jobs and the Estonian dairy industry. In addition, we are honored to consider ourselves the successor of the oldest Kunda dairy industry in Estonia, which was founded nearly 160 years ago.

The Farmi brand has been on the market since 1999. The main design element of the packaging is the traditional belt. The inspiration for the farm logo is the sun and brooch. The belt as a connection between different generations, as a connection between past traditions and modern technology, as a protection against “bad forces” – as a symbol, it is known in all Baltic countries (and elsewhere).

In addition to the appearance, we also work with the quality and content of the products. The quality of raw milk is under extremely strict daily control. The products are manufactured on the basis of high quality standards, using Estonian raw milk, modern technology and specially trained personnel. Standards are monitored through daily quality tests and raw material hygiene checks (in raw milk storage, production and final production).

Our slogan is ambitious – Healthy Estonia praises! We hope that good product quality, strong product development and modern packaging style will help to earn praise from you as well.

Find us at Anuga Trade Fair
Hall 10.1 | Stand A074


Linda tn 15 Jõhvi, Jõhvi vald Ida-Virumaa 41536


Risto Müürsepp
export manager


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