Artisan Honey

Artisan Honey is a company dedicated to providing high-quality honey products with a focus on pure honey and a variety of flavored options. What sets us apart is our commitment to sourcing honey directly from local beekeepers in Estonia, establishing a close working relationship with them. This not only supports the local beekeeping community but also ensures the freshness and authenticity of our honey.
Our range of honey products includes classic pure honey as well as flavored varieties. We achieve unique flavors by adding carefully selected freeze-dried berries, and we also incorporate ingredients like matcha, royal jelly, and propolis to create a delightful culinary and functional experience.
In addition to our honey products, we offer beautifully curated gift sets featuring our exquisite honey jars. These gift sets are perfect for spreading joy and sweetness throughout the year, especially during the holiday season. Whether you want to delight a loved one or impress a corporate client, our thoughtfully crafted gift sets showcase the exceptional quality and flavors of our honey.
Since our journey began in 2013, we have remained dedicated to quality, sustainability, and fostering strong relationships with our beekeepers and customers. Our success in the Japanese market since 2015 has been particularly noteworthy. As we continue to grow, we stay true to our founding principles, ensuring that every jar of honey embodies our unwavering commitment to authenticity and taste.
We are open to exploring new opportunities and welcome collaborations with retailers interested in featuring our honey products or creating unique private label lines. We are eager to hear about special projects and partnerships that allow us to showcase the versatility and exquisite flavors of our honey in innovative ways. If you have a creative idea or business proposition, we are excited to hear from you and discuss how we can work together.

Find us at Anuga Trade Fair
Hall 10.2 | Stand F049


Helgi tee 2, Peetri alevik 75312, Harjumaa, Estonia


Sander Sulane
+372 56359556

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